John Kerry takes into confidence his Russian counterpart over  Syria     

WASHINGTON: John Kerry takes into confidence his Russian counterpart over   Syria

US Secretary of State John Kerry took his Russian counterpart Sergie Lavrov into confidence over Syria conflict.


Both the leaders established a telephonic contact and discussed several issues of the region.


Foreign ministry claimed that both leaders decided to take measures to enhance ceasefire process in Syria.


“The sides discussed a number of other international problems, including the implementation of the Minsk Agreement on the settlement of the Ukrainian crises, and current issues of bilateral relations,” the ministry said.


Lavrov also discussed the Turkish-Syrian border and claimed that Turkey uses this border to send militants in Syria which should be closed.


He claimed that Turkey supported Islamist groups against Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad in Syrian conflict.


Both diplomats also agreed to support Syrian peace talks that are expected to resume soon.


After 5 years, now it is believed that Syrian conflict would be resolved and Assad also offered to form a government with opposition and other groups loyal to the government but opposition refused the proposal and claimed that Assad must be down.