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  1. Arshad Wali

    Arshad Wali

    very good pak army god bless you

  2. Wahab Shah

    Wahab Shah

    Joint operations ky bahany America Pakistan m ghusna chahta h

  3. Dome Rari

    Dome Rari

    Trump is screwed real bad

  4. Ali Ajmair

    Ali Ajmair

    change Foreign Minister plz

  5. Attullah Khan Akakhail

    Attullah Khan Akakhail

    How can someone understand Khwaja Asif statements like …..WO Jo hai ..WO Jo hai….That old man is gone crazy….

  6. Masood Ali Farrukh

    Masood Ali Farrukh

    BRAVO … foreign minister noooo juttyaan veee maro …

  7. Manthar Saieen

    Manthar Saieen

    Great Soldier we are proud of Pakistan Army and all of you-

  8. Shuja Ahmad

    Shuja Ahmad

    Pak army should make operation at Asif home… He is a bloody terrorist, shoot him down.

  9. Faixan Hafiz

    Faixan Hafiz

    Good we r wid u pak army……

  10. Mohammed Shoaib

    Mohammed Shoaib

    Pakistan Army is capable to Fight against Terrorist and already succeeded.. USA should do it in Afghanistan.. but India is Hurdle for bringing Peace in the region

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