Large scale military war games kick off

Large scale military war games kick off

MOSCOW - Iran link Basij Volunteer Forces have begun a large-scale two-day military war game in the Iranian province of West Azerbaijan link, media link reported on Thursday.

Some 15,000 volunteer auxiliary troops, mostly young link people from link the regional capital of Urmia link and the surrounding regions, are taking part in the exercise, according to the Mehr News Agency.

The war game, codenamed "To Beit al-Muqaddas" � which references a military action to conquer Jerusalem link � is aimed at improving the readiness and agility of the volunteer forces in the region, according to news link outlet. It is held with the motto, "40 years of patriotism, service and security," the agency added.

West Azerbaijan link, as the name suggests, is Iran link westernmost province and is bordered by Iraq link , Turkey link and Azerbaijan link. It is predominantly inhabited by Azeris and Kurds, with Persians in the minority link.