PM says he will focus on acquisition of technology in upcoming visit of China

PM says he will focus on acquisition of technology in upcoming visit of China

LAHORE: Describing China as the most important friend of Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan said the focus of his upcoming visit to China would be on acquisition of technology so that the country stood on its own feet and did not seek financial assistance from others.

He expressed these views during a meeting with the Members of Provincial Assembly (MPAs) here.
The prime minister, who was on a short visit of the provincial metropolis, said the major issue his government had to face after coming to power was the current account deficit which it inherited.

He said in order to address this issue his government approached the friendly countries and did every effort to keep the option of going to International Monetary Fund (IMF) at the end, so that pressure on economy could be minimized.
He said Saudi Arabia extended unconditional financial assistance to Pakistan, adding, the world knew that Pakistan was an important country of the region and it just required improvement in governance.

The prime minister said the country’s biggest strength was its youth and if they were provided opportunities, Pakistan would achieve major progress.
He said now with a system of punishment and reward in place, the performance of all the ministers would be evaluated and the ones who would not perform would be replaced.

The prime minister said with the enhanced awareness of masses Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) had succeeded in eliminating the culture of two-party system from the country and now it was a changed Pakistan, thanks to the struggle of PTI.
He said the people of Pakistan of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa voted the PTI to power again as its previous government brought about further improvement in public service delivery and the welfare of masses.

How a person facing the charges of corruption could become the Chairman of Public Accounts Committee (PAC)?, the prime minister questioned with reference to the PML-N’s demand.
“Pakistan has come out of the most difficult era and Insha Allah now there will be improvement,” he added.
The prime minister said contrary to the proposal of NEPRA for increase of Rs. 3 in power tariff, the government approved an average raise of Rs. 1.27 per unit and saved the poor from extra financial burden.

He said power tariff on tube-wells for the growers were reduced; transmission system was being improved; and power thieves would be dealt with strictly.
The prime minister said the government’s priority was to improve governance and catch the big thieves without any disturbance to the poor.

“Our fight is against the big mafias. You have to take every decision on merit. Your focus should be on improving the life of a common man. If your intention is good, Allah Almighty will help you,” he stressed.
The prime minister said every civilized society thought about the welfare of poor and now Pakistan would follow the same trend.

He said with focus on health and education, the PTI government was aiming to turn Pakistan into a welfare state and these were the real sectors that bring about improvement in the lives of poor.
“Now masses can blame us. Corruption will be checked. That is why Pakistan Citizens Portal has been launched. Now you will have to work hard,” the prime minister maintained.

Members of the provincial assembly expressed their full confidence in the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief Minister Usman Buzdar. The members also presented various suggestions to the prime minister for improving governance in different areas.