Naya Pakistan housing programme to incease business activities in country: PTI Leaders

Naya Pakistan housing programme to incease business activities in country: PTI Leaders

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) ,Member of the National Assembly (MNA) Lal Chand on Wednesday said that Naya Pakistan Housing programme will be helpful in increasing business activities in the country.

Talking in current Affair programme, he said , the government has initiated a data-based project in the country and all houses will be planned according requirement of the data collected through registration drive.
He said , the government is taking all necessary steps to improve economic condition without putting extra burden on common men.

Economic revival is a time taking process but we can see that situation is improving gradually, adding, one window operation is a great initiative to attract and facilitate international investors.
PTI led government is committed to resolve economic crisis with the help of time-tested friend countries, he highlighted.

He further said it is appreciable that Saudi Arab agreed to help Pakistan in this time of economic crises.
Leader PTI Kanwal Shauzab added , that the significant project of “Naya Pakistan Housing Program” will not only provide housing facility to the homeless but also boost economy activities by providing jobs to thousands of unemployed people.

She said, our leader Imran Khan has the will and capacity to bring the country out of this situation.
It is priority of the government to increase exports and facilitate international investors to improve economic situation in the country, she said.

Political stability, rule of law and good governance play a significant role in portraying a positive image of the country and attract international investors for investment, she mentioned.
It is a blessing for Pakistan that we have human resource consisting more than 70% of youth.

We can achieve remarkable results by utilizing the youth of the country in a positive direction, she highlighted.
The incumbent government will have to take some tough decisions to improve economy of the country, she noted.