Pakistan Post Office achieves yet another big milestone

Pakistan Post Office achieves yet another big milestone

The Pakistan Post Office has been given a green signal regarding its selection as a delivery partner of global e-commerce platform, Amazon, reported.

Reportedly, Pakistan Post Office has been selected as a delivery partner of Amazon. The director-general Post Office has ordered the finalization of preparations needed for indulging in global e-commerce on an emergency basis.

The Post Office has assigned duties to all circle officials including Lahore.

As per the instructions, the post office has been ordered to establish facilitation centres in nine cities including Lahore by June 15. It has also been directed to sign an agreement with Mail Motor for three months. It was also instructed to sign agreements with front companies abroad where Amazon warehouses do exist.

The chamber of commerce and trade organizations must be educated as to how they could be registered as sellers.

The circular directed the post office that for the delivery of parcels, agreements should be signed with different airlines. It has been directed to find suitable places for setting up warehouses in Lahore, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Islamabad and Karachi.

Post Master General should present a report regarding the establishment of facilitation centres and warehouses. For the selection of shipping company, an advertisement could be run in print and electronic media.

The additional director general has been assigned to oversee all matters.