Jehangir Tareen makes a stern warning to the PTI government

Jehangir Tareen makes a stern warning to the PTI government

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-eInsaf (PTI) leader, Jahangir Tareen spoke to the media on Monday advising the government not to ‘play politics’ with him and his loyal supporters.

Conversing with media authorities, he expressed that he was waiting for the report that is to be submitted by Barrister Ali Zafar and stated it should have been made public by now. Tareen said speculations were doing the rounds that Zafar had provided a “verbal report” to the prime minister, which he said, was in his favour.

When asked about his reaction if Zafar’s report does not go in his favour, the PTI leader said that he knew a lot of things which he could not divulge to the public and would reveal in due time.

The PTI leader was speaking to media outside a banking court in Lahore where he had appeared for a hearing into a case registered against him. The court adjourned proceedings of the case till June 11.

“Imran Khan promised justice will be done. A lot of days have passed, I should get justice by now,” he said. Upon inquiring, the PTI leader clarified that he has not met with any representative of the federal government and that it is a misunderstanding to assume so.