Pakistan co-hosted a UN Peacekeeping event at the United Nations

Pakistan co-hosted a UN Peacekeeping event at the United Nations

ISLAMABAD - At the United Nations, Pakistan has underscored the need for ensuring not only the security of the UN peacekeepers operating in the hot spots around the world, but also safety of the personnel in equal measure.

It was stated by Pakistan's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Maleeha Lodhi at a peacekeeping event co-hosted by Pakistan at UN Headquarters in New York.

She, voicing concern over the increasing number of fatalities suffered by United Nations peacekeepers operating in hot spots around the world, said while security will remain a challenge and will vary from mission to mission, the safety side of the coin can be addressed by adequately equipping peacekeepers with training, necessary equipment, and better health facilities on the ground.

It was the first meeting on triangular formula -- training, capacity building, safety and security and performance -- that comprised China, Egypt, Indonesia and Morocco.

Maleeha Lodhi said 193 peacekeepers lost their lives due to deliberate attacks, 117 due to accidents, 231 as a result of illness and 69 were listed under other causes between the year 2014 and 2019.

The Pakistani envoy said it is important for the troop and police contributing countries, the Security Council and the Secretariat to work together enabling better decision making related to planning of peacekeeping missions.