Indian Military Might myth exposed by Pakistan

Indian Military Might myth exposed by Pakistan

NEW DELHI – Indian media exposed its own air force lie as investigators have found that an Indian air defence missile was fired shortly before the crash of a Mi17 V5 helicopter at Budgam, near Srinagar on February 27, Indian daily English newspaper *‘The Economic Times’* reported.

According to the report of Indian media, the Indian’s air force’s chopper has not technically issue, however, Mi17 V5 helicopter destroyed by the Indian missile. business Secret Offers Expire Soon! Click Here Now To Find!

The report also revealed that the Indian Air Force may have downed its own Mi-17 V5 over Budgam on February 27 last month, which resulted in the deaths of six air force personnel and a citizen on ground.

The report says that the fresh evidences point to a startling lapse of ‘Identity, Friend or Foe’ protocol that could have led to the shooting down of the sturdy chopper. Seven people including a civilian were killed in the crash that took place in Garend Kalan village of Budgam at around 10.40 am on the fateful day.

“In the aerial engagement, a Pakistan fighter aircraft was shot down by a MiG-21 Bison. The aircraft was seen by ground forces falling on the Pakistan side,” he added.Earlier, India’s foreign ministry spokesman confirmed that Pakistan shot down its Mig-21 link Wing Commander Abhinandan was missing.

Addressing a presser, the Indian MEA spokesperson said, “We have unfortunately lost one MiG-21 in this engagement and an Indian pilot is missing in action. Pakistan claims the pilot is in their custody, however we are ascertaining the facts.”

Moments earlier, Indian media confirmed an Indian Air Force (IAF) wing commander is in Pakistan’s custody.