Saudi Prince MBS has an advice for Syrian President

Saudi Prince MBS has an advice for Syrian President

RIYADH - While responding to a question about Syrian President Bashar-al-Asad, the crown prince said that the Syrian leader should not play into Iran’s hands.

Salman while accusing Houthi rebels of pushing Yemen into a war, said that if Saudi Arabia had not intervened in 2015 then Yemen would have been divided into two parts.

If the international community fails to pressurise and contain Iran, then it may lead to a new military confrontation in the region, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has warned in an interview with the *Wall Street Journal <link>* .

The crown prince told the publication that the international community should put economic and political pressure on Iran in order to save the region from a future military conflict.

The kingdom has cut off its ties with its rival regional power and has been trying to isolate Iran — who it accuses of interfering in Arab affairs.

The report quoted the Saudi crown prince as saying: “If we don’t succeed in what we are trying to do, we will likely have war with Iran in 10-15 years.”

He said that Iran is trying to spread its influence in the region, which can push the Middle East towards anarchy, the publication reported.- Agencies