Pakistani Expats in UAE get a good news

Pakistani Expats in UAE get a good news

DUBAI - UAE government has lifted the restriction it imposed two weeks back seeking the police character certificate (PCC) for Pakistan workforce.

“The withdrawal of the condition has paved the way for substantial export of manpower from Pakistan, as the process will now be free of any kind of impediment, and this will ultimately result in substantial surge in the remittances in the years to come.”

The UAE Embassy in Islamabad also confirms the development saying its government has withdrawn the restriction seeking police character certificate from indenting Pakistan workers. The News in its edition of March 29, 2018, printed the story with headline “Manpower export to Gulf States touches lowest ebb’ painting the dismal situation stemming out of the imposition of restriction seeking provision of police character certificate duly attested by the foreign office and UAE Embassy in Islamabad for Pakistani workforce which may lead to the massive reduction in the remittances.

The official said that UAE authorities reviewed its decision and withdrew the condition of police character certificate for Pakistani workers. “More importantly, the UAE government has also decided not to charge anything from Pakistani workforce even they will be provided free air tickets.” Ex-Senator and an eminent politician, Envor Beg, said that this is a commendable gesture on behalf of the UAE government and now it is time for Pakistani government to make contact at the level of Prime Minister with top leadership of Dubai government to harness the maximum quota for Pakistani workforce required for erecting the huge structure needed for Expo 2020.

Mr Beg again stressed the contact with Dubai government should be no less than the premier level keeping in view the significance of the size of pie of the cake (jobs for building structure needed for Expo 2020) that is being offered toPakistan, India, Bangladesh.

Dubai is going to hold Expo 2020 at international level and is spending mammoth amount of $10 billion. For the construction of huge structure, Dubai needs the workforce from various countries. Pakistan’s foreign office must come forward and take the maximum advantage out of the golden opportunity the UAE has provided by lifting the restriction. This will ensure the arrival of manpower from Pakistan in Dubai at the maximum so that they could stimulate the remittances on large extent in the country. And if the government fails to exploit the situation, then Indian workforce will automatically fill the space.

When the UAE government had imposed the condition seeking police character certificate, the Indian government swung into action and geared its aggressive diplomatic efforts and managed to get the said restriction abolished.

He said Indians know how to operate and no wonder their home remittances are touching $60 billion per annum; whereas, Pakistan’s remittances stand at $17 billion and if the government continues to remain inactive, then Pakistan will sustain the huge dent in the foreign exchange reserves.

However, the UAE government has also provided the ease for Pakistani workforce by withdrawing the restriction and now the ball is in the court of Pakistani government.