Malala Yousafzai hits back at critics

Malala Yousafzai hits back at critics

ISLAMABAD - Malala Yousafzai, who is on her first visit to Pakistan since the 2012 assassination attempt, maintained that she sometimes fails to understand why some people in Pakistan hate her or call the attack on her a “drama” without any reason.

“Leave all this (conspiracy theories) aside, just listen to my message,” said *Malala.*

She added that such baseless propaganda not only hurts her but also hurts her cause, which is education.

“How can our country progress, how can we compete with the world which is progressing so fast, we talk about competing with India but how is it possible without educating our younger generation?” asked Malala.

“You can say anything on social media, I can claim that this or that guy is a foreign agent but where is the evidence, you cannot just accuse someone of any wrongdoing without any proof,” the Nobel Laureate said when asked about the conspiracy theories doing rounds on social media.

Malala reiterated her resolve to do everything in her capacity to educate Pakistan’s girls and emphasised the need to change parents’ thinking about the need to educate a girl child.

Answering what one can call the “million dollar question” about her presumed “political ambitions”, Malala said that she is no longer interested in politics.

“I used to think that if one becomes prime minister, the change is a few documents or laws away but I have matured, now I think politics is a complicated business,” said Malala.