Nuclear Security Summit to start with fears of Nuclear Terrorism threat 

Nuclear Security Summit to start with fears of Nuclear Terrorism threat 
WASHINGTON: The fourth and final Nuclear Security  Summit to start today in Washington DC with fear of Nuclear Terrorism threat.


Leaders from fifty states are participating in the summit which is hosted by US President Barack Obama.


The main objective of the summit will be to focus on the security of nuclear weapons and raw material form ISIS and North Korea’s controversial nuclear programme.


Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes said “we know that terrorist organizations have the desire to get access to these raw materials and to have a nuclear device.”


The summit held just after the days of terrorists attack in Brussels and in a park in Lahore, Pakistan.


Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was scheduled to attend the summit but cancelled due to the recent incident.


The Nuclear Security Summit held for the first time in 2010 in US, 2nd held in Republic of Korea in 2011 and third in Netherlands in 2014.


UN Permanent member Russia has not participated in the Nuclear Security Summit.


Earlier this month, Harvard Kennedy School’s research institute published a report on nuclear security mechanism of different countries.


The institute claimed that Pakistan has deployed 25,000 troops to guard its nuclear stock pile and equipped with extensive barriers and detection systems while India’s measures to protect its nuclear programme are weaker than Pakistan and China.