Yet another move by Modi government towards hindutva extremism in India

Yet another move by Modi government towards hindutva extremism in India

Indian government's recent decision to rename Delhi’s famous Mughal Gardens as Amrit Udyan has triggered criticism from all over the world.

India after the BJP government is speedily changing its old face for being secular. Now, most of the critics allege that India is under the leadership of Modi is following a racist policy- Hindutva and is trying to scrape Muslim names from all historical structures.

The BJP advocated Hindutva (“Hindu-ness”), an ideology that sought to define Indian culture in terms of Hindu values, and it was highly critical of the of the secular policies. Now, intolerance toward Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and other minority groups is on the rise in Narendra Modi-led India with Hindu groups using violence, intimidation, and harassment against minorities on daily basis in the country.

Fowling the twitter message of Dr Ashok Swain, an interesting debate has been started in the comments box.

A Twitter user, @Springl48032740, replying to @ashoswai said “Perhaps this is why millions of Indians go to UAE for work and not the other way round.”

Another Ashok’s follower Dr. Kanchan Nikam wrote that

“Ashok Swain, I follow you since a long time as my political ideologies and slightly inclined towards the left. I must say that you are pretty negative person and a hate monger. Get well soon.”

@YazaMinHtway wrote that Who are extremist?

@Alleged_Sanghi said that Both are doing the right thing

@Akinc70 maintained that Hind is Arabic name for women, nothing to do with Hindus of India!

Shekeer Muhammed @BinShekeer replied that “Then tell them to go back. They know they are safe and secure in every manner.”