Protests and demonstrations block several cities across Pakistan

Protests and demonstrations block several cities across Pakistan

Protests and demonstrations erupted across various regions of the country, including Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), in response to the recent surge in electricity bills. Citizens organized a series of actions such as protests, shutdowns, and wheel-jam strikes on Thursday to express their dissatisfaction.

In the Jhelum Valley of AJK, residents collectively engaged in a comprehensive shutdown and wheel-jam strike to voice their opposition against the escalated electricity bills. This led to the closure of business hubs and a strong warning that they might march towards Islamabad if their grievances were left unaddressed.

Similarly, in the Neelum Valley, a synchronized shutdown and wheel-jam strike occurred, accompanied by the orchestration of protest rallies across different parts of the valley.

Traders in Okara responded to the situation by heeding the call of Anjuman-e-Tajiran Oraka, resulting in a complete suspension of commercial activities. Both traders and members of the civil society established a protest camp at Gol Chowk to protest against the elevated electricity bills.

The city of Sialkot witnessed a joint demonstration by traders and civil society members outside the Gepco City Circle office. The protest manifested in the form of fiery slogans against the government and symbolic burning of electricity bills.

Meanwhile, in Lalamusa, citizens took to GT Road under the banner of Anjuman-e-Tajiran, expressing their dissent by raising slogans against the government's decision to hike electricity bills.

Lastly, in Kharian, an ongoing protest against the inflated electricity bills entered its sixth day. Women, traders, and members of the civil society continued to participate actively, urging the government to retract the increased charges for electricity.