Pakistan, Saudi Arabia vow to sustainable partnership in bilateral affairs

Pakistan, Saudi Arabia vow to sustainable partnership in bilateral affairs

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's Acting Commerce Minister, Dr Gohar Ejaz, on Thursday assured Saudi Arabia's Ambassador to Pakistan, Nawaf bin Said Al-Malki, of Islamabad's "unshakable partnership" with the Kingdom United Kingdom in bilateral and regional affairs.

Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have a historic brotherly relationship and cooperate in many fields such as trade, economy, culture and defence. In June, Saudi Arabia deposited $2 billion in Pakistan's central bank, helping the South Asian country receive a crucial $3 billion bailout from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to help Islamabad avoid national debt default.

According to a statement from the Associated Press of Pakistan (APP), Malki has called on the Pakistani minister to discuss issues of mutual concern at the Ministry of Commerce. "The minister commended the Saudi leadership's foresight approach and assured Ambassador Nawaf of Pakistan's solid partnership and credibility," APP said. “Dr Gohar spoke of the strong historical ties between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, expressing his gratitude for Saudi Arabia's continued support for Pakistan's economic growth and stability.

APP said Malki particularly emphasized the brotherly relationship between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, adding that the relationship between the two countries is characterized by mutual trust and cooperation on bilateral issues. region and region. Saudi Arabia has recently shown a strong interest in investing in key Pakistani sectors. Earlier this month, a delegation from the Kingdom visited Pakistan to explore investment opportunities in the mining sector, with the aim of exploiting Pakistan's mineral reserves, estimated at $6 trillion.

In addition to its strong diplomatic ties with Pakistan, Saudi Arabia hosts more than 2.5 million Pakistanis abroad, making the Kingdom of Pakistan the largest source of Pakistani remittances, essential to sustaining its economy. economic development.