IHC verdict on Imaan Mazari petition against arrest prevention

IHC verdict on Imaan Mazari petition against arrest prevention

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has postponed the hearing regarding the petition to prevent the arrest of Imaan Mazari until September 4. Imaan Mazari is the daughter of former federal minister Dr Shireen Mazari. The court session saw the presence of officials from the Interior Ministry, who were summoned to address the request for protective bail for Imaan Mazari and to provide information about the cases against her.

During the hearing, Justice Miangul Hassan Aurangzeb presided and raised questions for the Interior Ministry officials. He inquired whether they had contacted the provinces for details about the cases filed against Imaan Mazari. The Interior Ministry representatives clarified that while a case had indeed been lodged against her in Islamabad, matters of this nature were beyond the jurisdiction of the federal government concerning the provinces.

In response, the court expressed surprise and reiterated that they were merely seeking information. The assistant attorney general stated that they had received the order belatedly and requested additional time. Lawyer Salman Akram Raja voiced concerns that Imaan Mazari might face re-arrest if she left Adiala Jail, highlighting the apprehension to the court.

Addressing the Interior Ministry's role, the court sought clarification on the instructions given to them. The court's stance was that Imaan Mazari was already incarcerated, and the appropriate course of action was for the authorities to conduct an interrogation, submit a challan, and proceed with her trial. The court further stated that it would not intervene in matters of what she should or should not have said.

Furthermore, the court instructed that its directives should be communicated to the interior secretary in the context of Imaan Mazari's case. As a result of these proceedings, the petition's consideration was postponed until September 4, allowing for additional time and deliberation.