Babar Azam reacts on Virat Kohli' statement against him

Babar Azam reacts on Virat Kohli' statement against him

Babar Azam, the captain of the Pakistan cricket team, expressed his joy in response to the remarks made by Indian batsman Virat Kohli prior to their highly anticipated clash in the Asia Cup 2023. The Indian sports channel Star Sports had resurfaced an older video in which Virat Kohli spoke in high regard of Babar Azam's qualities and cricketing prowess.

Kohli's words resonated with a consistent sense of respect and admiration that he had held for Babar since the outset of their interactions. The Indian batsman, known for his candidness, conveyed that his respect for Babar hadn't wavered, emphasizing Babar's distinction as one of the world's premier batsmen across all formats.

Virat Kohli's appreciation for Babar Azam's cricketing attributes continued to shine through his comments. Kohli highlighted Babar's exceptional consistency and the joy he derived from watching him play. The Indian cricketer also underscored the constancy of Babar's attitude towards him, a trait that Kohli found deeply commendable. In Kohli's estimation, individuals with such unwavering character traits play a pivotal role in inspiring others and leaving a lasting impact on the cricketing community.

Babar Azam, upon learning of these laudatory remarks, shared his genuine delight at receiving such praise. He expressed his gratitude for Kohli's comments and described the feeling of affirmation that comes with receiving recognition from a respected peer. Babar viewed Kohli's comments as a source of pride and a validation of his cricketing journey. Recalling an incident from the 2019 World Cup, Babar mentioned that he had approached Kohli during that time, and he appreciated the continuity of Kohli's perspective even as circumstances evolved.

The exchange of compliments between these two cricketing stalwarts added an intriguing layer of anticipation to their impending encounter. Kohli's candid admiration for Babar's skills and character showcased the camaraderie that often transcends the boundaries of fierce cricketing rivalries. Babar's humble acceptance of Kohli's words reflected his maturity and his appreciation for the role models that players like Kohli represent. As the Asia Cup match drew nearer, fans on both sides of the border eagerly awaited the showdown between these two exceptional players, each representing their nation with pride and prowess.