Mineral water 90% brands unregistered in Pakistan

Mineral water 90% brands unregistered in Pakistan

LAHORE (APP): As many as 1,500 brands of different bottled water are available in the market, 150 of those claim to be mineral water but more than 90 per cent of them are unregistered.

This was stated by Chairman Patients Rights Forum and renowned pharmacist Noor Mehar while talking to APP, here on Tuesday.

He said that there were 32 tests of mineral water to get certification, but unfortunately, over 90 per cent brands of the bottled water being sold in the country are unregistered.

As per law, it is mandatory for water companies to get registered their water brands with the Drug Regulation Authority Pakistan (DRAP).

Noor Mehar said that some companies have started selling their brands with the title of 'pure' water, instead of mineral water, to avoid the fitness test.

He cited the example of the USA Food and Drug Authority, which issues certificates after complete tests, for selling water or any other product related to food or medicines.

He said that water is an essential ingredient of food which should be pure and tested by the authorized institutions. He said that 60 per cent population of the country was suffering from water-born diseases including kidney failure, which needed to be checked properly.