Indian High Commissioner in Canada faces an embarrassing blow

Indian High Commissioner in Canada faces an embarrassing blow

After the assassination of two leaders of the Khalistan Movement in Canada, tensions have been escalating between India and the United Kingdom. Alongside this, there is growing anger among Sikhs in India against the Indian authorities.

Leaders of the Khalistan Movement, while protesting the killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Canada, confronted Indian High Commissioner in the UK. Sikhs forced the Indian High Commissioner to return from a Gurdwara.

- It's worth noting that Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had recently urged India to cooperate in the investigation into the killing of Sikh leaders. Trudeau emphasized that Canada is not inciting unrest or creating issues for India; rather, this matter is governed by the rule of law.

These developments have brought international attention to the Khalistan Movement and its impact on relations between Canada, India, and the UK. The assassination of Khalistan Movement leaders has not only intensified the movement itself but has also raised diplomatic challenges. The clash of interests and emotions between these nations reflects the complex dynamics at play in this ongoing issue.

In the midst of these tensions, it remains crucial for all parties involved to find a peaceful resolution that respects the rule of law and addresses the concerns of the Sikh community while maintaining diplomatic relations between the nations. The international community will likely continue to watch this situation closely as it unfolds.