Weekly inflation rises further in Pakistan

Weekly inflation rises further in Pakistan

Lahore: Weekly inflation rate in the country went up by 0.94%; however, the annual inflation rate is 30.62%, the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) reported.

According to the PBS report, the sensitive price index (SPI) for the current week ended on 29th September 2022 recorded an increase of 0.94%.

PBS data shows that, during the week, out of 51 items, 20 items’ prices increased, ten decreased, and 21 remained unchanged.

The report shows an increase in the prices of food items such as onions (47.77%), tomatoes (30.29%), tea Lipton (2.50%), and bread (1.74%).

On the other hand, PBS data shows a drop in the prices of LPG (4.14%), wheat flour (2.99%), pulse masoor (1.59%), bananas (1.50%), cooking oil 5 litres (1.12%), sugar (0.60%), garlic (0.22%), vegetable ghee 2.5Kg (0.17%) and vegetable ghee 1Kg & potatoes (0.13%) each.

Moreover, the annual statistics show an increase of 30.62% in inflation. This year, the price of tomatoes went by 224.20%, onions 139.03%, diesel 105.12%, petrol 91.87%, pulse gram 74.56%, pulse masoor 72.42%, and mustard oil 64.53%. Additionally, washing soap price increased by 63.33%, cooking oil by 5 litres by 61.78%, vegetable ghee by 2.5 Kg by 58.37%, pulse mash by 57.36%, vegetable ghee by 1 Kg by 55.89%, gents sponge chappal 52.21%, and pulse moong went up by 47.96%.