Pakistani NED student develop state of the art Artifical Intelligence cyber Security software


Students of the National Center for Cyber Security (NCCS) at the NED University of Science and Technology, Karachi, in collaboration with the National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited (NCCPL) have developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based cybersecurity software which accurately detects dubious activities and averts breaches in financial systems.

Named “Security and Threat Intelligence Platform,” the software has integrated threat intelligence, behavioral monitoring, asset discovery, smart intrusion detection, and vulnerability assessment models. ------------------------------

Once deployed, the software points out aberrations in the financial systems and serves as a firewall against cyber threats including cyber-thefts, ransomware and spyware attacks, and all unauthorized break-ins.

According to details, the Security and Threat Intelligence Platform was developed within a year and is easily customizable according to varying business needs.

On Tuesday, NED Karachi organized a cybersecurity seminar during which NCCS students provided a demonstration of the Security and Threat Intelligence Platform.