China launches three remote sensing rockets in space

China launches three remote sensing rockets in space
BEIJING - China launched three remote sensing satellites Friday on a Long March-2C rocket from Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Southwest China 's Sichuan Province. 

The Yaogan-30 01 satellites will conduct electromagnetic probes and other experiments. The satellites were developed by the Micro Satellite Innovation and Research Institute under the Chinese Academy of Sciences. 

Xu Qin, deputy chief designer of the Long March-2C rocket, told the China Central Television that Long March-2C rockets play an important role in commercial space missions before a new generation of carrier rockets could replace the ones that rely on conventional fuels. 

Xu said the next step would be to improve the Long March-2C's carrying capacity, increase the production efficiency and shorten the preparation time for rocket launch. 

"Our goal is to fulfill our customer's launch demand within 12 months from the time a request is filed," Xu said. 

By 2020, Long March-2C will complete more than 30 launches and commercial missions would account for about 25 percent of them, Xu noted. 

The launch is the 251st mission of the Long March rocket family. In July, a Long March-5 rocket, carrying an experimental communications satellite, failed shortly after launch. 

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