Shocking news for the Pakistani fans of Skipper Babar Azam

Shocking news for the Pakistani fans of Skipper Babar Azam

Amid Pakistan's underwhelming performance in the ongoing World Cup matches, Zaka Ashraf, Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board Management Committee, has issued a significant statement regarding Babar Azam's future as the captain of the national cricket team.

He addressed this matter during an interview with a private TV channel, emphasizing Babar Azam's exceptional talent as a cricketer. However, Ashraf added that the post-World Cup captaincy is likely to be changed.

He further said that final decision would be contingent on expert recommendations following an evaluation of the tournament's results, with the paramount goal being the betterment of Pakistan cricket.

Furthermore, when queried about the impact of former cricketers' continuous critique of current players during the World Cup, Zaka Ashraf expressed his apprehension.

He noted that these critiques, often conveyed through various platforms, were negatively affecting the morale of the national cricketers.

In response, he called upon former players to maintain a positive attitude and support the team throughout the ongoing tournament. Ashraf suggested that, after the World Cup, former cricketers should openly criticize and pinpoint mistakes to facilitate improvements for the future of Pakistan's cricket endeavors.