Sarfraz Ahmed to be made Skipper of Pakistan cricket team after World Cup?

Sarfraz Ahmed to be made Skipper of Pakistan cricket team after World Cup?

Lahore: The head of the Pakistan Cricket Board's management committee, Zaka Ashraf, says that after the World Cup, they will clean up the board and select a good team. There is no disagreement in the team. Former cricketers have opened their shops on TV and criticize the team.

He said that Sarfaraz Ahmed was invited to congratulate him on winning the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy. Shah Nawaz Dhani was also present at the meeting. There was no discussion about making Sarfaraz Ahmed the captain.

According to private TV, Zaka Ashraf said that before the World Cup, he did not have the right to cancel the leagues of players, but the board officials said that the players have prior contracts, so permission was granted. Our players were injured in leagues and Asia Cup, which affected our performance. Naseem Shah is a good bowler. If injured players were not in the team, the performance would have been better.

He said our performance was not good in the World Cup. We could have won four matches. Players whose performance was not good should show good performance in the next matches so that the team can move up. Babar Azam is the world's number one batsman and our star player.

He said that according to the plan, criticism is being directed at the team and board administration. Rashid Latif was also part of this plan. They have made it political as well. People sit in TV shops and criticize the team, while the players say we are going to play and they are criticizing us.

Zaka Ashraf further said that Najam Sethi has filed cases against me across the country. If the Prime Minister appoints someone as the head of the board, I will accept it. I have requested a meeting with the Prime Minister. I will present my plan for improvement in cricket to the Prime Minister. Those who have been the past 4 chairmen of PCB, including Najam Sethi, did nothing for the betterment of cricket.