Bangladeshi skipper Shakib Al Hasan speaks ahead of world cup clash against Pakistan

Bangladeshi skipper Shakib Al Hasan speaks ahead of world cup clash against Pakistan

Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan emphasized that their only recourse is to secure a victory against Pakistan as they prepare to face Babar Azam's team at Kolkata's Eden Gardens on Tuesday.

He underlined the significance of this match, stating, "We have a lot at stake. To qualify for the Champions Trophy, we must secure a win, and I believe it's an essential objective for us at this juncture." The International Cricket Council (ICC) recently announced that the top seven teams, along with host Pakistan, will qualify for the 2025 Champions Trophy.

Shakib stressed the imperative of winning, considering their current position, as his team occupies the ninth spot in the 10-team World Cup table, with defending champions England at the bottom.

Furthermore, Shakib issued a stern message to his players, highlighting that actions speak louder than words and urging them to demonstrate their commitment on the field to salvage their pride at the World Cup. Bangladesh has suffered five losses in six matches, leaving their chances of reaching the semi-finals virtually non-existent.

Shakib revealed that discussions had taken place and team meetings were held, but he emphasized that they must translate their words into actions. He insisted that talk alone would not suffice and that they are determined to effect change on the field to improve the team's situation.

In addition to the team's struggles, Shakib's own performance in India has been challenging, and he faced criticism for leaving the team briefly to work with his personal batting coach last week.