Indian girl on a ventilator in a hospital raped by staff member

Indian girl on a ventilator in a hospital raped by staff member

GURUGRAM – An unidentified employee of Fortis Hospital has been booked on the charge of raping a TB patient who was in a semi-conscious state and on a ventilator.

As per the police officials, the woman was admitted to the hospital on October 21. She gained consciousness six days later, on October 27.

She wrote a note to her father, writing down the name of the alleged rapist, according to Usha Kundu, assistant commissioner of police.

The woman's family then filed a complaint of rape with the police. Kundu revealed that the suspect has been identified; however, he had not been arrested yet.

Man who allegedly raped the victim was named Vikas and is a non-medical outsourced staffer at the hospital.

Police recovered the CCTV footage and the hospital staff is being questioned over it, said.

The girl's father, in the complaint, said that his daughter was assaulted while she was on a ventilator. She was admitted to the hospital after complaining about respiratory problems, the victim’s father said.

In a statement, Fortis Hospital said it had taken notice of the incident and would cooperate with the police on the investigation.