Pakistan safe destination for foreign investment: Romanian envoy

Pakistan safe destination for foreign investment: Romanian envoy

ISLAMABAD: Romanian Ambassador Niculaie Goia Monday said security environment in Pakistan had considerably improved and there was no problem for foreign businessmen and companies to invest here.

The envoy said during the last two years he spent in Pakistan, here were "no problems regarding the businessmen or projects in which companies from Europe were involved."

"Unfortunately (...) the negative tints regarding Pakistan are exaggerated, which has the unpleasant consequence of creating some reservations at the level of the Romanian business community in connection with the security of some possible businesses or cooperation projects with Pakistani companies," the AGERPRES, a Romanian news agency, quoted him as saying in an interview.

He said the Pakistani population's state of mind was much better and "there are no reasons of concern in Islamabad regarding more terrorist attacks than in any other capital of the world, including the ones in Europe."

Niculaie Goia said Pakistan, one of the countries that suffered the most from terrorism, made huge sacrifices to improve the security situation, and the new Pakistani government led by Prime Minister Imran Khan "proposed to act more decisive, in order to improve the security environment and to reduce the tensions in the region."

In respect to the bilateral cooperation, Niculai Goia said several projects could significantly contribute to further strengthening the bilateral and cultural relations, student exchanges and cooperation at university level.

Furthermore, he said, Romania aimed to develop economic collaboration with Pakistan and one of the projects which could favour that was the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). "To which Romania can participate as a subcontractor of some objectives for which it certainly has the expertise and capability to achieve."

At the same time, ways of collaborating on third markets were sought, the ambassador said. "I am convinced that, as Romania will rebuild its external investor profile, and this thing will undoubtedly happen in the near future, it will find in Pakistan a reliable partner."

“Romania's Embassy in Islamabad will put in efforts to identify new opportunities for increasing trade, that should reach, in a few years, realistically speaking, to at least half of billion of US dollars," he said.