Russia emerging as big market for Pakistani kinnow exports

Russia emerging as big market for Pakistani kinnow exports

KARACHI: FPCCI's Regional Chairman for Horticulture Exports Committee, Ahmad Jawad has urged the concerned authorities to help local exporters of Kinnow and potatoes in wake of growing interest for the two products in Russia.

In a statement here on Wednesday he said Russia, a potentialmarket for Pakistan's horticulture products sector, may initiateactive involvement of banking channels alongwith application ofregular SOPs so as to streamline the process.

A reciprocity on part of the Pakistan government is needed, hesaid urging the local authorities to adopt a pragmatic approach inmeeting the relevant international requirements.

Ahmad Jawad said quarantine related concerns of Russia must beaddressed with equal attention to assist local exporters ofhorticulture goods, capable to maintain internationally requiredstandards for crops and related goods.

"These exporters must be facilitated in procurement of thecertificate confirming efficacy of the commodities being exported toRussia," he said.

Mentioning that there was only one particular private laboratoryin the country authorized by the government to certify the products,Ahmad Jawad.

"Russian quarantine team in its recent visit, however, expressedits reservations about the technical expertise of the particularlaboratory," he said.

FPCCI Standing Committee Chief said lack of close understandingbetween the two countries regarding quarantine protocols has oftencreated problems for local exporters.

Mentioning that the exporters also needed routine phytosanitarycertification from the Department of Plant Protection (DPP), he saidthis also needed to be streamlined.

Ahmad Jawad said there was also need to address the valuation ofimport duty imposed on Pakistani kinnow and potato by Russian Customs.

Citing it to be unfair and biased, he said exporters believe thatif the valuation issue is quickly resolved, there can be an immenseincrease in exports.