Pakistan tells US, dictating terms over war on terror will be counter productive

Pakistan tells US, dictating terms over war on terror will be counter productive

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan has asked the United States not to “dictate terms” on the war on terror as it violated the country’s sovereignty, The Nation has reported.

Senior officials at the foreign ministry said Islamabad had complained to Washington that Pakistan was “sincerely” fighting the terrorists in its own and global interest but was not getting the desired response from the US .

“The statements from the top US officials are not helpful. They are based on misunderstandings and Indian propaganda,” one official, who remains in touch with Washington, told The Nation citing the recent diplomatic contacts with the US counterparts.

He added: “[The US was told] such public humiliation of Pakistan will not benefit the trust level between two countries and will also affect the campaign against terror. Confrontation will only help militants.” This week, the US and the Nato forces commander in Afghanistan General John Nicholson said Pakistan had not taken steps against the terrorists to satisfy Washington after President Donald Trump announced a new South Asia strategy in August.

Asked about Pakistan’s alleged ties with the Haqqani network, he said: “Well, to bookend that comment, the chairman of the joint chiefs [General Joseph Dunford] and the secretary of defence [James Mattis] were asked these questions on recently. I think they affirmed that those relationships still exist. So I would leave it at that and I concur with their assessment.”

General Nicholson alleged top Taliban leadership was hiding inside Pakistan , while the “tactical-level leadership” was in Afghanistan.

He said Pakistan had promised to act against all the terror groups but “we have not yet seen those steps play out.”