Pakistan Broadband subscribers reach historic levels

Pakistan Broadband subscribers reach historic levels

ISLAMABAD: The total broadband subscribers including 3G and 4G services have crossed around 49 million in the country till October this year, registering a reasonable growth rate with each passing month.

As per latest figures issued by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), of the total number of broadband users, major contribution has been made in shape of 3G and 4G subscribers by Mobile Phone Operators which reached 46 million by October 2017.

The number of broadband subscribers in other technologies included DSL 1,550050, HFC 51,715, Wimax 151,330, FTTH 54,107 and EvDO 55,8,740.  The tele-density of total broadband has reached 22.6 per cent while 3G and 4G tele-density of the total subscriber base crossed 21.6 per cent.

Experts of telecom industry are having a viewpoint that portable mobile broadband devices like MiFi and Wingles are one of the main reasons of this growth in 3G/4G subscribers and many more will follow this trend in upcoming days.

Meanwhile, country's largest mobile phone operator, Mobilink has overtaken its competitors as 3G/4G player after official figures were released by PTA.  Jazz subscribers base was 13.94 million 3G and 1.56 million 4G till the period mentioned.

A senior official of the Company said key to this leading position is consistent investment to further innovate on behalf of subscribers by delivering not just the best 3G/4G and voice network, but also improvements in customer service, and product lines.

As per statistics, the 3G subscribers of Zong have now extended to 8.99 million and 4.78 4G users by end of October 2017. The number of Telenor 3G subscribers was 10.64 million and 1.16 4G users till the period mentioned above.

An increase has also been observed in Ufone subscribers base, reaching 5.45 till the period from 5.3 million 3G users by August 2017.

Meanwhile, the mobile broadband is helping in widespread adoption of social media which has an impact on everyday lives of billions of people around the world.       Social media has also been gaining vast popularity among masses in Pakistan.

The introduction of mobile broadband coupled with influx of affordable Smartphones had a catalytic effect on use of social media.

People turn towards social media to voice their opinions, experiences, suggestions and feedback on any topic or constituent of the society.