NAB reopens many pending enquiries against Sharif family

NAB reopens many pending enquiries against Sharif family

ISLAMABAD - National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman retired justice Javed Iqbal on Thursday ordered the NAB officials to complete the inquiry into four cases against the Sharif family within 90 days, DawnNews reported.

The bureau's officials told DawnNewsthat the NAB chief gave NAB Lahore Director General Saleem Shehzad 90 days to complete the inquiries pending against the Sharif family.

The pending inquiries include a probe into a Lahore Defence Authority (LDA) plots, the Rivand Road, the Jati Umrah residence and the Sharif trust.

On February 10, 2000, an inquiry was launched into the matter of alleged unlawful allotments of LDA plots by Nawaz Sharif.

An inquiry — launched by the Anti-Corruption Department in February 2000 and later handed over to the NAB — against the former prime minister and his family members over alleged discrepancies in the acquisition of land for the Jati Umra residence, will also be completed in the next three months.

According to NAB, the funds for the road constructed up to the Jati Umrah residence came from the District Council and the plans for the road were never approved.