Samia Chaudhry murder case: Startling revelations in Forensic report

Samia Chaudhry murder case: Startling revelations in Forensic report

LAHORE: The murder mystery of the PML-N worker Samia Chaudhry is gradually being resolved.

Forensic investigation has revealed the PML-N worker, Samia Chaudhry, died after taking narcotics including morphine and cocaine in excessive quantity.

Samia Chaudhry murder case mystery deepens

Punjab forensic science agency yesterday submitted its reports to the Lahore police investigators.

“One thing has been established that excessive use of narcotics led to her death. We have received her forensic report ,” the officer said. “Obviously, her cause of death was drugs usage as she was addicted to morphine and cocaine.”

PML-N MNA Ashraf Chaudhry would also be investigated in connection with the killing and the availability of drugs in his official room. “We will question the old man what was going there (Chamba House),” the officer said while referring to the parliamentarian who is in his late 60s.

Samia, a 38-year-old political worker, was found dead from a government-run hostel located in the Race Course police precincts on Saturday night.

According to police investigators, her nose was bleeding with foams coming out her mouth as they entered the room. Initial investigations suggest there were no torture marks on her body.

The lady was staying at the room (No 26) allotted to PML-N MNA Chaudhry Ashraf for the last several weeks, a police source said.

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