Rampage anticipated in Indian Parliament over growing intolerance issue

NEW DELHI: Anticipating that an opposition energized by the Bihar win will try to corner BJP over the "intolerance" debate, the government has indicated that it is ready for a discussion in Parliament on the issue - including incidents like the Dadri lynching and murder of rationalist M M Kalburgi - during the winter session. Senior BJP ministers who met on Tuesday to brainstorm over the Parliament session discussed recent incidents of violence, and felt the government need not be on the defensive. They decided that if the opposition wants to discuss them, the ruling side is ready for a debate. Though BJP has argued that the incidents - which triggered a chorus of protests over "growing intolerance" in India - were law and order issues that come under the state government's jurisdiction, the government does not want to make them a sticking point that will end up stalling Parliament. On its part, the opposition is expected to argue that provocative and irresponsible statements by BJP members and ministers abetted and added to the atmosphere of intolerance, targeted at minorities and dissenters, and refer to the 'award wapsi' movement by writers, artistes and film personalities. "The government will also be willing to facilitate discussion on any matter of larger concern sought to be raised by the opposition," a source said. Reference Source: Times of India