Modern Forensic Lab inaugurated in Swat, KP with an amount of $1 million

SWAT: A new forensic science laboratory has been established in Swat to enhance the capability of KP police to combat with criminal activities in Swat. The initiative will support the KP police to investigate the cases with modern techniques. The inauguration ceremony was organized by FSL Director Quresh Khan. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Pakistan country Director Marc- Andre Franche and Swiss Ambassador Marc pierre George were also present in the ceremony. As per press release, the forensic science lab was established with the collaboration of KP government, Switzerland, Netherlands and UNDP. This initiative of UNDP will be helpful to maintain law and order situation in Swat. It will provide an opportunity to police to improve the service delivery. “At least 17 personnel have been trained through the Punjab Forensic Science Agency in Lahore to bring the laboratory at par with international standards,” stated the press release.