Pakistan enters $15 billion Chinese Meat Market

Pakistan enters $15 billion Chinese Meat Market

*ISLAMABAD: After the signing of “Framework Agreement on Agricultural Cooperation” with China, Pakistan is expected to enter into billion dollars meat market of the world’s most populous country. *

According to a press release link, during the three days visit of the vice president of the People’s Republic of China to Pakistan from 26-28 May, two agreements were signed, one was “Framework Agreement on Agricultural Cooperation” and the other was “Memorandum on the Requirements of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) free zone where Vaccination is Practiced”.

Under the agreements, Pakistan will get an opportunity to cooperate with China in the field of agriculture.

Federal Minister for National Food Security, Sahibzada Mehboob Sultan said the government is focusing on expanding the Pakistan’s meat market. She added that the newly-signed five years agreement with China will help us to achieve the desired results not only in the meat market but in agriculture sector and will be mutually beneficial.

It is worth mentioning that China’s annual meat requirement is worth $ 12-15bn, entering into this profitable market will surely help Pakistan economy, currently meat from Pakistan is exported to Gulf countries, Vietnam and Malaysia, the press release said.

“The framework agreement on agricultural cooperation between Pakistan and China shall be executed and implemented through the Ministry of National Food Security & Research of Pakistan and Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs of China.”