Court issues arrest warrant of PML-N leader Sheikh Rohail Asghar

Court issues arrest warrant of PML-N leader Sheikh Rohail Asghar

ISLAMABAD: Arrest warrant of PML-N MNA Sheikh Rohail Asghar were issued by Judicial Magistrate in private company security guard murder case who was allegedly killed by the vehicle of Sheikh Rohail Asghar .

As per details, security guard murder case hearing against PML-N leader and his suspect accomplice Zulfiqar was held here at today in Islamabad before Judicial Magistrate .

Court was going to indict both accused today in this case but they did not appear before court and not submitted surety bonds in court.

Court expressed its displeasure with accused’s counsel over the absence of both accused as well as not submitted surety bonds . Sheikh Rohail counsel replied that his client want to submit surety bonds in cash so he requested count for some time to withdraw amount from bank.

Expressing its displeasure court issued arrest warrant of both accused and adjourned case for indefinite period.

It is also worthy to mention here that Sheikh Rohail Asghar was accused of killing a security guard in Islamabad in August 10, 2014 by his vehicle however police did  not file case against him.

Court ordered police to file case against accused over the request of widow.



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