Balochistan government launches historical tourism initiative in Quetta

Balochistan government launches historical tourism initiative in Quetta

ISLAMABAD - Balochistan government has planned to establish a modern museum in Quetta to keep various historical, social, cultural and religious artifacts for acquainting people with rich history, culture and heritage of the province.

Talking to APP, Adviser to Chief Minister on Culture, Tourism, Sports and Archives Abdul Khaliq Hazara Saturday said the museum would comprise on different galleries to display the Stone-Age relics, which include some of the oldest civilization’s crockery, jewelery and many other significant items.

He said, "Around 26,575 artifacts from different archeological sites of the province have been sent to the exploration branch of National Museum Karachi since last many decades. We have taken the matter with Sindh government and will bring back all artifacts safely to Quetta.”

“Balochistan is famous for its historical significances, however, its antiquity is not well preserved,” he said adding the Quetta Museum would be the home of many artifacts and would preserve the oldest relics of the ancient civilizations.

He said we would further share information with media very soon regarding the initiatives taken by the provincial government towards establishing of the museum in Quetta.

Abdul Khaliq said the museum would be holding the key to links between the archaic and present-day society and that would encourage students and researchers while gathering information for archaeological research and excavations.

He remarked that the rich history of Balochistan had disappeared due to many reasons including high demand and price of antiques after they had been smuggled to other parts of the world.

He said Balochistan had a lot of potential to generate tourism opportunities, adding that there was dire need to have constructive approach for exploring the hidden ans obscure beauty of the province.

He pointed out that Mehrgarh was recognized as one of the oldest civilizations of South Asia as discovered by several French archaeologists in their 15 years long missions of findings.

He said the incumbent government had shifted some historical artifacts of Balochistan to the Pakistani embassy in Italy. "We are requesting the federal government to help retrieving those artifacts," he said.