Pakistan India agree to resolve diplomatic staff harassment issue

Pakistan India agree to resolve diplomatic staff harassment issue

ISLAMABAD: Finally the sanity has prevailed and the nuclear armed neighbours have decided to amicably solve the diplomatic staff harassment issue.

Pakistan and India have mutually agreed to resolve matters related to the treatment of diplomats and diplomatic premises.

According to Foreign Office, India and Pakistan have agreed to resolve such matter in line with the 1992 ‘Code of Conduct’ for treatment of Diplomatic/Consular personnel in India and Pakistan, Radio Pakistan has reported.

The development came after staff at the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi had complained of being harassed in their host country.

The diplomats also complained of their families being harassed.

According to sources, a car carrying unaccompanied underage children of a diplomat was made to stop on a busy main road in the Indian capital; the children were harassed by unknown individuals for over an hour.

The diplomat’s daughter, according to sources, is still traumatised by the ordeal.

In another incident, the vehicle of another senior counselor was forcefully stopped by an unknown individual who then disembarked and took pictures of the counselor.

The incidents are not the first, rather, a continuing trend that started in the first week of March when a senior diplomat’s vehicle was stopped and damaged. The following day the deputy high commissioner’s vehicle was chased by unknown individuals in a car and on a motorcycle, who dragged the driver out of the car and hurled abuses at him.

In another incident, the Pakistan High Commissioner was chased and his car was damaged by unknown individuals. The very next day, the high commissioner raised the issue with the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and met with the MEA joint secretary in connection with the incidents.

Following the meeting, instead of incidents being stopped, two counselors of the Pakistani mission were harassed in a similar manner.