Indian High Commissioner hints at relaxing Visas for Pakistani businessmen


LAHORE: Indian High Commissioner Ajay Bisaria while speaking at Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Friday has vowed to resolve visa issues for Pakistani businessmen.

While speaking to industrialists at the chamber during his visit, Bisaria said he would try maximum number of visas are issued to traders.

He said India and Pakistan are neighbouring countries and would continue to remain so. Bisaria added the two countries could only progress if they give each other space for dialogue.

“People want to come together,” he said. “The issues [between India and Pakistan] are not such that cannot be resolved.”

Before attending a dinner in Lahore last night, Bisaria reiterated his statement, saying he was positive that tension between the two neighbouring countries would end soon.

Recently, the tension between India and Pakistan escalated after diplomats of the latter country, and their families, were harassed in New Delhi.

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