Syrian Regime after historic Palmyra victory push further ISIS 

Syrian Regime after historic Palmyra victory push further ISIS 

DAMASCUS: Syrian Regime is pushing further ISIS after historic victory of capturing Palmyra after a furious battle.


Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed that pro-government fighters are advancing towards ISIS held town of Al-Qaryatain which was seized in August 2015.


Al-Qaryatain is located in southwest of Palmyra and it has a key route which links Palmyra with the Qalamun region of Damascus province.


A military official said “The army was concentrated around Al-Qaryatain, and today the military operation begin there. That is the next goal for Syrian army. They also have their eNo on Sukhnah.”


Earlier, Syrian troops launched offensive raid against ISIS in Palmyra with the coalition of Russians  and recaptured the town after one year.


ISIS has destroyed many ancient sites in the town.


A group of archeological experts arrived in Palmyra to examine the loss of cultural heritage.


Antiques chief Abdulkarim said “If we have UNESCO’s approval, we will need five years to restore the structures damaged or destroyed by ISIS.”


ISIS has been defeated from Palmyra but has left a minefield of booby traps behind.