Imran Khan is his own enemy, says Javed Hashmi

Imran Khan is his own enemy, says Javed Hashmi

ISLAMABAD: Javed Hashmi has criticized PTI chairman and said that Imran Khan is his own enemy.

“I have never opposed Imran Khan,” Hashmi said, addressing a press conference in Multan on Friday. “I have never targeted any individual in my political career.”

The Multan-based politician said there were rifts among the leaders and the workers of the PTI over the distribution of election tickets.

“PTI is the party of planes,” he said, referring to the private jets owned by Imran Khan’s close aides Jahangir Khan Tareen and Aleem Khan.

Hashmi, who had joined the PML-N a few weeks ago after leaving the PTI, has said that he would support the candidates of Shehbaz-led party in the elections.

He also criticized the NAB over its action against PML-N candidates. “The NAB did injustice with Qamar-ul-Islam,” he added.

Qamar-ul-Islam, the PML-N candidate against Chaudhry Nisar in NA-59, was arrested over his alleged involvement in Saaf Pani Project scam on June 25.

Hashmi claimed that political parties are made and dissolved by using the NAB.

“I have rendered the sacrifices for the PTI,” he said. “Not even Chaudhry Nisar could match my sacrifices.”