Combined efforts needed to counter terrorism in South Asia: US

Combined efforts needed to counter terrorism in South Asia: US

WASHINGTON: (APP) The United States on Wednesday underlined the need of effective coordination to counter terrorism in the South Asian region, saying all governments need to work more closely to prevent terrorist attacks.

At a regular briefing at the US Statement Department, Spokesman Mark Toner said that the United States was working closely with Pakistan and India on counterterrorism efforts.

"Part of the solution is more effective coordination," the spokesman said while replying to a question on terrorism. "Pakistan and India, the United States, Afghanistan, all those countries have to work more closely together".

"Many of these terrorist groups operate within that environment and all of the governments in the region have to be diligent about taking the fight to these terrorist groups, which may use safe haven in one country to carry out attacks on another country", he added.

"That's part of effectively cordoning off and really choking off these terrorist groups. And we all need to do a better job at it," the spokesman said.

Replying to a question, Spokesman Toner said that the United Sates work closely with India and Pakistan on counterterrorism efforts in the region, adding that "we need to work effectively with all the countries in the region in order to increase our ability to combat terrorism and to bring stability to the region".