May Allah protect humanity from pandemic, calamity: Hajj Sermon July 30, 2020

May Allah protect humanity from pandemic, calamity: Hajj Sermon July 30, 2020

ISLAMABAD-Chanting "Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik”, Masked pilgrims entered Maidan-e-Arafat on Thursday to supplicate for the atonement of their sins and hoping for the acceptance of their Haj pilgrimage.

The global coronavirus pandemic has cast a shadow over every aspect of this year's pilgrimage, which last year drew 2.5 million Muslims from across the world to Mount Arafat, where the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) delivered his final sermon nearly 1,400 years ago.

They listened to Hajj sermon delivered from Masjid-e-Nimra by Sheikh Abdullah bin Salman Al Mannieh.

Delivering Hajj sermon from Masjid-e-Nimra at Maidan-e-Arafat, Imam Sahib urged Muslims to observe Taqwa of Allah. Observing Taqwa is the instruction that Allah gave all former and later generations.

He said Allah always has complete knowledge and the Allah not be worshipped in any ways.

So its important for Muslims to be away from Biddaa't.

Imam Sahib said every worship and sacrifice should be for Allah only.

Sheikh Abdullah said difficulties and hardships of life is actually test for human beings. For every hardship there is happiness afterward from Allah.

Allah instructed for harmony and cooperation among fellow beings.

He said Allah also forbids from immortality and sins.

Islam's teaching prohibits transgressions from others.

Islam warns against extravagance.

Allah has permitted trade and forbidden usury.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stressed to follow the path of Allah and Quran and doing so is better path.

He said that all Muslim around the world should follow precautionary measures to stop spread of epidemic according to teachings of the Holy Prophet as he prohibited us to go those places where epidemic exists.

Sheikh Abdullah bin Salman prayed May Allah protect humanity from Pandemic and calamity.

He said Islam teaches us brotherhood to love to each other and ensure justice in the society.

Pilgrims performed Zuhr and Asr prayers, shortened and joined together.                         

The Hujjaj will stay at Arafat spending the whole day in supplication praying for welfare of Ummah.

After Azaan-e-Maghrib, they will leave for Muzdalifah where they will offer Maghrib and Isha prayers together and spend the night under open sky. 

Pebbles for casting away evil the next morning, that are usually picked up by pilgrims from Muzdalifah will be sterilized this year and bagged ahead of time.

After offering Fajr Prayer at Muzdalfa, they will leave for Mina for remaining Hajj rituals.