Pakistan skipper Sarfraz Ahmed hits out at his critics

Pakistan skipper Sarfraz Ahmed hits out at his critics

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed has been handed a four-match by ICC for his racial remarks against a South African cricketer.

While Ahmed on Tuesday said that he has learnt a lesson from the unsavoury episode, he soon posted a cryptic video that seemed to take a shot at his critics.

Ahmed posted a video message featuring a child giving some life lessons in times where a person is tested.

"Look for the positives in you, as other people are there to highlight your weaknesses. If you want to land your foot, make sure to put it in the forward direction.

There are people waiting for the moment to pull you back. Aspire for big dreams, there are people waiting to show you the worst scenarios. Light up the fire within you, people are also there to get jealous as well."

"Make memories, there are people who are always there to create rumours and false talks. If you want to be loved, love yourself. There are enough people who are waiting to make you their enemies," says the boy in the video speaking Urdu.