Pakistan behind anti India rhetoric around the World: Indian Officials

NEW DELHI - Indian officials have said Pakistan is behind attempts to raise anti-India rhetoric around the world to the worst levels in five years.

Officials said this in connection with the pro-Khalistan rallies organised with Islamabad's backing outside the Indian missions in London and Washington DC.

The rally by pro-Khalistan separatists took place on January 26 in the presence of significant numbers of media personnel representing Pakistani news organisations.

The pro-Khalistan demonstration in London was carried out which raised some hackles by burning the Indian flag. India has raised the issue with the UK, officials told WION.

Officials in India's establishment say the return of cynical support to pro-Khalistan demonstrations are backed by Pakistan.

Pro-Khalistan rallies with Pakistan's support have in the recent past been organised in London by Pakistan-origin British MP Nazir Ahmed.

There have also been sporadic rallies in Canada. The Canadian government has said it views the pro-Khalistan elements as a terrorist threat.

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