Ambassador Aizaz Ch reacts over Abdul Basit letter

Ambassador Aizaz Ch reacts over Abdul Basit letter

Ambassador Aizaz Chaudhary has reacted over the latter written by the former Ambassador Abdul Basit.He said earlier I did not comment on the letter written to him by Abdul Basit dated July 5, 2017. 

However, he today (Wednesday) shared his sentiments with officers of the Embassy after it emerged on social media. He said that Abdul Basit was jealous because he was not raised as Foreign Secretary.

“Since this letter is on social media now I thought I should share with you my sense of disappointment at being targeted like that”.

“Mr Basit has written a letter to me which he has circulated on social media,” he said, besides terming it “rude and uncalled for”.

He clarified that Basit “wrongly thinks that he could not reach the post of FS (foreign secretary) because of me”. He added that jealousy of former high commissioner was not coming to an end even after his retirement.

“I just offered four Qul surahs especially Surah Al-Falak and ignored the letter”, he stated while speaking to officers at the embassy.

Aizaz said that he served Pakistan to the best of his abilities, but “some of us like Basit fail to realize that life is a combination of human endeavor and fate,” he added.