Smart Energy Device by Pakistani enterpreneur to save electricity bill by 25%

Smart Energy Device by Pakistani enterpreneur to save electricity bill by 25%

ISLAMABAD: (APP) Pakistani startups have developed a gadget - a smart energy device which makes suggestions to help save energy up to 25 percent.

The device called Wattie has been developed by Fictive Lab -a Pakistani startup and an alumni of both Plan9 and LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship and can be connected to smartphone to get loads of useful data about electricity usage.

As per details, Wattie is a smart device that delivers home energy's consumption analytics directly to smartphone via an app. It sits in electricity distribution box and is connected to internet via Wi-Fi (a GSM version is coming soon).

It measures all energy flowing through network in real-time, receiving data every five seconds.

In one month, the little device will record over half a million points and send them over the cloud to startup.

The data will then by analyzed through pattern recognition algorithms and converted into a meaningful form to provide helpful insights regarding electricity consumption.

Since electricity usage is visible in real time, one can also roam around home while turning on appliances to see the consumption.

A considerable amount of energy is consumed by standby power of appliances too- around 10% of total electricity bill.

Wattie can also measure energy consumption per device as well. The developers claim that during beta testing, Wattie witnessed a 28 % reduction in energy usage.

However, one should keep in mind that these figures might be considerably less when it comes to practical usage.

For smartphone interaction, Wattie comes with its own applications. An Android version is available right now but an iOS version is also in the works.