Temperory breakthrough reported in Pak US bilateral ties

Temperory breakthrough reported in Pak US bilateral ties

WASHINGTON: Some temperory breakthrough has been reported between Pakistan and US.

The United States has delayed its decision to restrict movement of Pakistani diplomat as both countries try to resolve the differences that have strained their relations, official sources told *Dawn*.

Last week, a spokesman for Pakis­tan’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs confirmed that the United States planned to impose new restrictions on its diplomats. Recent reports in the Pakistani media suggest that the US government has already alerted Pakistani authorities of its plan to do so.

According to a notification sent to the Pakistan Embassy in Washington, Pakis­tani diplomats in the US capital and at consulates in other cities would be barred from travelling more than 40 kilometres from their posts without prior permission.

Media reports said the restrictions could take effect as early as May 1, unless “certain issues” were resolved before that.

But official sources told *Dawn* that the decision had now been delayed, at least till mid-May, as both sides were engaged in efforts to remove their differences.