Pakistan's Port Qasim Karachi achieves historic milestone

Pakistan's Port Qasim Karachi achieves historic milestone

Karachi's Port Qasim recently achieved a historic milestone by welcoming its largest-ever cargo vessel, a colossal ship stretching an impressive 355 meters in length, to one of its terminals. This monumental event marked the first time that Port Qasim had the privilege of handling such a mammoth container-laden vessel, showcasing its capabilities on a grand scale. The honor of berthing this immense vessel was bestowed upon a terminal operated by the renowned company DP World, where the meticulous unloading process is currently in progress.

The awe-inspiring vessel, known as the APL LE HARVE and hailing from Singapore, embarked on its journey to Port Qasim Karachi from Jeddah, culminating in a two-day voyage across the seas. Laden with import orders destined for various corners of the country, it now finds itself anchored at the bustling port of Karachi. Port authorities have disclosed that once the unloading operation reaches its conclusion, the cargo vessel is set to embark on the next leg of its journey, heading toward India, underlining the international connectivity and trade significance of Port Qasim.

This noteworthy event is reminiscent of another remarkable occurrence in Pakistan's maritime history. In December 2019, Karachi Port Trust (KPT) welcomed the 'Cosco Belgium,' an enormous container vessel of unprecedented proportions.

This giant of the seas boasted a staggering length overall (LOA) of 366 meters, an imposing gross registered tonnage (GRT) of 153,666 metric tonnes, and an impressive maximum beam of 51.20 meters. The arrival of the 'Cosco Belgium' marked a pivotal moment for Karachi Port, highlighting its capacity to handle some of the world's largest vessels for the very first time.

In conclusion, Karachi's Port Qasim's recent feat in receiving the largest-ever cargo vessel is a testament to the port's continued growth and its pivotal role in facilitating international trade. Such milestones not only demonstrate the port's capabilities but also reinforce its significance as a key player in the global maritime industry. These achievements reflect Pakistan's commitment to enhancing its infrastructure and connectivity, contributing to the country's economic development and global trade partnerships.